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December 10, 2014


Ted Breihan Electric Co. is located at:

118 S Edward Gary St

San Marcos TX 78666

For more- see “In the Spirit of …”

We don’t often read email sent to this site. Call Breihan Electric for emergencies.

Or Try slb(dot) breihanelectric (at)gmail(com)




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5 Responses to “Contact Us- Location”

  1. Rolland Krueger Says:

    I need a bid on replacing a meter loop on an old place, here in San Marcos.

  2. mike moore Says:

    we just bought and are occupying 207 Rogers Ridge here in San Marcos, “On the hill”, just two blocks up from the Salt Grass Restaurant and directly across from the San Marcos river headwaters. we are having a water softner installed and need an outlet outside to power it. there is a plug on the opposite side of the wall inside the MBR for power access. will you give us a cost estimate for this job? Michael Lewis Moore 512-422-5392……..Jane Carol Moore 512-751-8287. call anytime. MLM

  3. Tom McKigney Says:

    Please send the Cathodic protection Specifications to

  4. Stacy Says:

    Do not go to the web site that much so all messages should go to

  5. admin Says:

    Mike, I am the administrator of web site for Ted Breihan Electric (dot) (com).
    Stacy doesn’t monitor the web site, and I check about once a year. Since your email was posted 2016, it’s rather late to say- call them. But by now, you will know that Ted Breihan is a wonderful person, great family owned business. Stacy says he can be reached at slb(dot)breihahnelectric(at)gmail(dot)com.

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